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IAdea Support Mar 1 Firmware&Software Download / XMP-6250/6400

Release for all regions except Japan area. To obtain Japan region's release information, please contact jp-support@IAdea.com

Download Checksum AA01809985B3949D6FA64F41BCE7F20C

Download Firmware User Manual

Upgrade instructions

  1. Download latest firmware and copy it to root directory of an USB drive
  2. Power on device and plug in USB mouse to the device
  3. From Basic Settings menu, go to Advanced > System > Firmware. Insert USB drive to the device and remove USB drive until player reboot to the Basic settings menu

1.2.59 (build 204) 2016/3/1

  • Added support usglobalsat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver 
  • Improved watchdog compatibility 
  • Improved html compatibility 
  • Improved system performace 
  • Improved SMIL reporting compatibility 
  • Improved broken video file handling 
  • Several UI improvements
  • Fixed a problem that player clock may goes wrong in some cases 
  • Fixed a problem that microSD card may not auto format as expansion storage in some cases

Following changes are applicable for XMP-6400 only :

  • Added support A/V input via HTML video tag
  • Added support that A/V input now supports DVI to HDMI converter
  • Fixed a problem that VGA port may display HDCP content in some condition
  • Improved RS232 compatibility



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