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IAdea Support December 05, 2013 IAdea Video Channel / Recommended Video

Check out more videos on our Video Channel or  IAdea channel on YouTube.

IAdea XDS-1068 touch demo
A video introduction to IAdea's new XDS-1068 touch signboard
Setup IAdea media appliance with Scala Content Manager [Partner Video]
This video presents a comprehensive, step by step setup process for connecting a IAdea player to Scala Content Manager.
IAdea XMP-3450 showing live TV and HTML demo
The following widgets are featured in the demo content:
- A live feed from Twitter is displayed at the bottom of the screen, using the profile colors the particular feed is configured with from within Twitter
- A live ...
Schedule HTML5 powered IAdea Smart Widgets with Manager Express[Partner Video]
This video gives a detailed overview on how to configure IAdea Smart Widgets using Manager Express.
Schedule with Manager Express [Partner Video]
This video demonstrate how to use Manager Express to schedule the playlist , and export player.
Set up IAdea 10" digital signboard using digitalsignage NET [Partner Video]
This video gives a step by step guide on how to connect XDS-101 ( also applies to XDS-104 ) to digitalsignage.NET and how to configure the software.
Managing meeting rooms using signagelive and IAdea SMIL devices [Partner Video]
This video gives a detailed overview on how to configure IAdea Smart Widgets using Manager Express.
How to set up your IAdea HTML5 device in digitalsignage.NET [Partner Video]
This video showing you how to get IAdea HTML5 device up and running in 5 minutes!

IAdea Support May 14, 2012 Knowledge Base / Video File Compatibility

Converting videos with WinMEnc

IAdea players support industry-standard video formats, but sometimes you may encounter PC-specific formats, poorly encoded content, or content encoded using excessive bit-rates. Here's what you can do to ensure playability.

Please download the converter at http://www.digisignage.com/sites/default/files/MPlayer-p4-svn-29851.zip

If you already have WinMEnc installed, you may download the latest Encoder Profiles.

There is no need to install the program, simply execute winmenc.exe, then

1. Drag file(s) to batch area

2. Select output folder

3. Select profile based on which IAdea player you are using

4. Click Encode



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