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IAdea Support Jun 1 Firmware&Software Download / XMP-6250/6400

Release for all regions except Japan area. To obtain Japan region's release information, please contact jp-support@IAdea.com

Download Checksum 2a0b4421fd5ef2b5214a9a32d22d61d6

Download Firmware User Manual

Upgrade instructions

  1. Download the latest firmware using Chrome or Firefox web browser and copy it onto root directory of an USB drive
  2. Power on device and plug in USB mouse to the device
  3. From Basic Settings menu, go to Advanced > System > Firmware Update. Insert USB drive to the device and do NOT remove USB drive until player reboots to the Basic Settings menu

1.2.63 (build 238) 2016/6/1

  • Improve HDMI-in compatibility
  • Improve storage I/O performance
  • Turn on support for AniBeacon


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