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Adfotain Manager Express 4.3.40

IAdea Support
posted this on March 27, 2013 03:30


You may install newer versions directly over old versions, without uninstalling the previous version first.

Note: removed support for legacy players including CMP, NMP, HMP and XMP-300 series. For older players, please download Manager Express 3.0.35.

4.3.40 2013/12/17

  • Added 2 new layouts for XMP-2200 series under 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Added GPIO layout for XMP-2200 series
  • Added support for PowerPoint 2013
  • Added support for customized widget
  • Added support for Finnish Language UI
  • Improved Webpage Widget so iframe is no longer used for XMP-2200 series and XDS-1060 series

4.2.36 2013/10/24

  • Added new layout for XMP-2200 series
  • Added support for XMP-2200 A/V input screen fitting option
  • Added support for widget in motion sensor and button trigger layouts for XDS-1060/1062
  • Added support for Thai Language UI
  • Fixed SMIL code error that causes content playback to suddenly stop


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