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Adfotain Manager Express 4.6.55

IAdea Support
posted this on March 27, 2013, 03:30


You may install newer versions directly over old versions, without uninstalling the previous version first.

Note: removed support for legacy players including CMP, NMP, HMP series and XMP-300/305.

For these older players, please download Manager Express 3.0.35.

4.6.55 2014/8/21

  • Added two HTML5 layouts for XMP-320/3250 series containing a video zone with ticker on top/bottom
  • Added one 1080p layout in landscape mode for XMP-2200 series
  • Fixed crawling text truncating out-of-screen text issue
  • Fixed ticker zone not supporting HTML5 widget and image type issue
  • Fixed Weather widget only displaying "Updating..." issue
  • Fixed customize widget rolling back duration to default issue when .tsk is reloaded

4.4.47 2014/4/22

  • Added support for ticker text on XMP-2200 series and XDS-1060/1062/1068
  • Renamed model XDK-0760/0762 to XDK-0780/0782
  • Fixed Weekly schedule rotation UI error
  • Fixed switching layout but playlist won't empty itself issue
  • Fixed Finnish translation of "font color" wording in UI
  • Fixed Vietnamese font display error in widget


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